Tuesday Oct 19th, 2021


Deserted parking lots are stereotypically the stomping ground for car thieves.

The truth is though, you’re more likely to be a victim of an opportunistic thief who’s looking for loose valuables that are left in unlocked cars.

However, some thieves are far more sophisticated as they use modern-day methods such as relay technology that boosts the signal of a key fob that’s in the owner’s home. This then allows the thief to simply unlock the car and drive off.

Auto theft can happen anywhere and at any time so it’s important to be proactive. Here are a few helpful tips that'll make your car less of a target:

  • park your vehicle in a secure garage
  • equip your vehicle with GPS tracking
  • use a steering clamp to deter thieves
  • store key fobs in a frequency shielding bag

Imagine if you went to hop in your car and instead found an empty parking spot. A few proactive steps such as the ones above can help you avoid that horrible feeling as the more time and effort it takes for a thief to steal your car, the more likely they are to move on.

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