Thursday Feb 25th, 2021


For the month of Feburary we did a few quick polls with our Instagram followers. 

Below are the results! 

67% of our instagram viewers who answered the poll currently rent compared to 33% who own. 

When we askeed our viewers their dream location to live, we got mixed answers including in the country, in major cities, and close to restuaraunts/shopping. 

Next we asked our instagram viewers if they prefered a house or an apartment/condominium as their ideal property type. Out of those who answered, 67% answered house compared to 33% who voted apartment/condominium. We asked our viewers why they chose the option they did. Some of the answers included less maintnence in a condominium or apartment, not wanting to pay condo fee's, amenities of condominium/aparments and not wanting to live next to noisy neighbours. 

Finally, we asked our instagram viewers when they believe the right time to move would be. 80% of our viewers who voted believe between now and 2 years from now, they will be ready to move. 20% of our viewers believe it will be more than 2 years before they are ready to move. 

For context, 43.5% of our Instagram viewers live in Kitchener, 12.3% live in Waterloo and 9.1% live in Toronto. Most of our viewers are between the ages of 25 and 44, with 56.3% of them idenitifying as male. 

If you enjoyed the polls, leave a comment below and let us know what questions you would like to see featured next. 

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Thank you to our followers who participated in our polls! 

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