Monday Oct 04th, 2021


A person's body language speaks far more than words could ever say.

Projecting positive body language is a skill that should be mastered by everyone whether you’re a corporate bigwig or a child trying to make new friends on the playground.

With a little work, these changes are incredibly easy to implement. Here are a few tips that’ll instantly boost your self-confidence:

  • look into the person’s eyes with a relaxed smile
  • use a natural tone, volume and pace when you speak
  • avoid fidgeting as it shows you're disinterested, bored or nervous
  • use your hands for gesturing instead of sticking them in your pockets
  • stand up straight in a relaxed posture with your head held high

It’s amazing how a few small changes can make such a huge difference. In fact, studies have shown that “power posing” can actually change the chemicals in our brain. So there you have it – stand tall and be proud!

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